Career Update Fall 2017

Last time I posted an update on my work was over a year ago, I had recently left my job at Hanna & Associates to freelance. I also began working as a contractor for my church, doing design and visual work. That contract work led me to a full-time position at the church as communications director. I now oversee marketing/communications for the church, which includes visuals on Sundays, promotion of events and classes, email marketing, video production, brand management, and more. As communications director at the church, I’ve brought some big changes and gotten to work on some pretty fun projects. I wish I had more time to present these all nicely here, but this will have to do for now:

FBC Weekly

We replaced our former bulletin with a weekly mini-magazine called FBC Weekly, which has allowed us to publish more in-depth articles, and include children’s lessons, announcements, and sermon notes all in one place.

Transform Conference

At our first bi-annual Biblical Counseling Conference, which was attended by over 300 people from around the region, we were able to create a cohesive brand and an app for the conference that was downloaded and used by over 75% of attendees.

25 Years of Faith

September of 2017 Marks the 25th Anniversary of Faith Bible Church and so we have created a cohesive look for the celebration Sundays and related communications.

New website

Faith Bible Church’s new website will launch sometime in October hopefully. It will feature improved search functionality in the resources section and a homepage featuring the latest content and upcoming events. The site, built on the Night Fox Cloud platform will also allow us to build integrated native mobile apps in the near future.

Signage overhaul (in process)

We are currently working through updating the signage at church, to make it cohesive and user-friendly. 

Updated look for Marketing Emails

Other things

Freelance Projects

I have also been able to work on a few freelance projects as well:

Fuel to Thrive

A logo I did for a nutritionist’s new business.

Coastal Power

A rebrand and website I worked on with Gary Bailey for Coastal Power.


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