Halftone 2014

Halftone is a yearly event showcasing local artists and bands, put on by some of my friends from Design School at EWU.  They hired me to create a video of the event this year. I also contributed a couple of my screenprints. Along with being part of the event, I was excited to go see one of my favorite new bands–Water Monster–play live.

Right before I headed home for the night I noticed a piece that drew me in. I quickly recognized it to be one of the works of the amazing Amanda Johnson. I decided to buy it. For me it is something I can put up on my wall that is aesthetically pleasing but will also remind me to be content with where I am. Where I am in my career, in my relationships, in my relationship with God, wherever I am in my life.

Our life is like a giant puzzle and we only get to see one little piece at a time. Sometimes I get impatient and just want to get to the next big step in life, but I need to see that each part of life is there for a reason, it all goes together. When we someday see the full puzzle completed we will understand the purpose in some of those pieces we didn’t like so much. God has a plan and I need to be better at trusting it.

I’m guessing thats not exactly what my friend Amanda intended for this piece to be about, but that’s what I’ll choose to let it remind me of. This is where I am. I will try to be content in the hard times and in the waiting times and enjoy all the wonderful moments God gives me.

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