What’s Crowdswell?

What’s Crowdswell and what am I doing for them? Crowdswell is a tech startup founded by Eric Dahl and the partners of Magner Sanborn, (Where I did my previous internship.) I am doing a design internship at Crowdswell. You might be thinking: “You’re taking another unpaid internship? That sucks!”But I’m here to say: “Actually it doesn’t! I’m really excited to take part in Crowdswell!” And on a side note, I am still doing freelance work while I intern.

Crowdswell’s mission is to crowdsolve and crowdfund ideas, problems and issues on a local level. It’s like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo but for community projects. Plus on an open swell, anyone can solve, not just the person who started it. The potential in Eric’s idea is exciting to me. This could be a huge idea, and make a major positive impact on our city and hopefully a growing number of cities across America. The team that founded Crowdswell makes me believe it can work. These are experienced business owners who don’t make any decisions without tons of research.

So basically all I am trying to say is the experience of the internship with the potential of a career there afterwards is worth the short time of unpaid work.

Here’s a graphic I’m working on right now, plus a video that may help you understand what Crowdswell is all about.


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