Career Update Summer 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. So here’s an update on my career… and life in general: I left my job at Hanna & Associates to pursue some contract opportunities including doing some branding and design for the church I attend, Faith Bible Church. I’m teaching a design class this Summer at Eastern Washington University as an adjunct lecturer. I’ve been working with a startup from Seattle a little bit, called Horizon. Some friends of mine have a band called the Eventide. I worked with them to create album art for their upcoming release. Kaitlyn and I are pregnant—well she’s pregnant, and I’m just here helping her as much as I can. Below are some things I’ve been […]

10 Reasons why Freelancing is Awesome.

Sometimes I want a full time job at an ad agency or design firm, but then I remember how great it is to be a freelance designer. Here are the top ten reasons I love freelancing! I can work all day in my pajamas if I want. Unless I have an in-person client meeting. When I send out an invoice, all the money comes directly to me. Of course I have to save some for taxes, but my billable hours aren’t paying for anything but my work. I don’t report to a boss. Yeah, a client is sort of like your temporary boss, but really you’re more like equal partners in business with your clients. I can work […]