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I am finally finishing design school after this quarter. I only have a couple days left! It’s really exciting and a little scary.

Design school has been really fun, and I’m happy with the way things turned out. I had no idea what to expect going into it. I just knew I wanted to do something where I could be creative, but I could have never guessed I would have ended up loving it so much and be interning during my last quarter at a great place like Magner Sanborn. I wouldn’t have thought I would be part of a minor that my advisor and I made up so that students could dive deeper into video production without having a second major. (Thanks Mindy! You’re the best!) But as much as school has shaped my design style and methods, I know that I will only be improving at a far more rapid pace now that a real career starts. (I’ve already seen so much improvement from my time interning at Magner Sanborn.) Which is awesome!

One of the last things that a senior in the EWU design program does is the portfolio review class, and at the end we do a portfolio show. It was a fun way to showcase some of my design, video, and photography work. I was able to get some good feedback from the likes of Colin Manikoth, Mindy Breen, Travis Masingale, Stephanie Schreiber, and even Jeff Sanborn!

Here are some photos from the show, and of the work I featured.

PS8smallPS7small PS6small PS5small


I am looking for work, whether it’s full time, part time, or freelance. Hoping to post again soon with an update that says something like: “I have a job at ___________!!!”

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