Winter 2014 Update

This may not be the most pretty formatted post, but hey, this is the blog section of the website, not the portfolio! Anyway, this winter I have had quite a bit of work for clients like Nick Brimmer Photography, USWP Manufacturing, Red Lion Hotels Corporation, Crowdswell, Magner Sanborn, and Here are just a few samples:

I did some branding work for my good friend and talented Photographer, Nick Brimmer.


NBPposter_webmockup NBP_website NBP_businesscardwebmockup

I have been shooting and editing video for the Red Lion Corporation’s 2014 Convention in Las Vegas.

I was also part of a team at Magner Sanborn producing a Crowdswell video, as a freelance contractor, doing the editing. Crowdswell is a cool new way to help your local community become a better place, from big things to small things.

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